Life Together

Flood-hit Hrusov 1997

Vzajemne souziti or Life Together is a registered Czech-Roma NGO working in the Czech town of Ostrava to strengthen mutual confidence and co-operation between the marginalised Roma and the majority Czechs, and improve the living standards of the Roma.
A team of 55 Roma and Czech workers and several volunteers offer a range of services from humanitarian aid, free educational programs, social work, community work to strengthen the position of the Roma in the ghettos vis a vis local institutions. We strive to defend the rights and dignity of individuals, resolve conflicts, strengthen democracy and community participation, and encourage a culture of non-violence and understanding. Our work is financed by a basket of local, national and EU funds.
Our work has been recognised by several institutions with their awards. They include Charter 77 (Frantisek Kriegel Award -1998), Czech Foreign Ministry (Gratias Agit - 1998), Place in the Heart (1998), Tolerance Foundation (Prix Irene - 2003), The Honorary Police Medal (2003), Austrian Unruhe Stiftung (SozialMaria - 2004), International Romani Union Certificate of Thanks, The Union of Vlachi Roma Certificate of Thanks, The US Embassy (Alice Masaryk Award - 2005).
We began our work in the aftermath of the catastrophic floods of 1997 that destroyed the locality of Hrusov in Ostrava Having moved in to live and work with the displaced Roma families, a team of volunteers helped ease local hostilities and provide aid. This served as the basis that secured trust and provided experience and the philosophy to develop our subsequent work.  

Service centres

  1. Social and Legal Advise Centre.
  2. Roma Community Self-Help Centres At Liscina, Zarubek and Hrusov.
  3. Centre for Dialogue between the Roma and Local institutions.
  4. Police Assistants Team
  5. Hnizdo- Centre to prevent forced removal of children from caring parents.
  6. Human Rights Team.
  7. Group of women harmed by forced sterilization.
  8. Sports
  9. Culture.
  10. Czech-Roma Co-existence Village


30.dubna 3
Ostrava 702 00
The Czech Republic

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Phone: +420 596130715, Cell: +420 777760191

8 a.m to 8 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
For special needs or information on events please call.
Chairperson and director:  
Kumar Vishwanathan +420 777760191
Simona Jiraskova +420 596130715, 777760190
Director of Social Services:  
Lucie Mastna  +420 777760192
Director of Community Centres:  
Petra Juroskova +420 77776019
Director of Finances:  
Justina Kamena  +420 596130716
Community Centre, Liscina:
Zdenek Kroscen  + 420 777760199
Community Centre, Hrusov:  
Renata Gažiova  +420 777760195
Community Centre, Zarubek:  
Marcela Istanekova  + 420
Hana Zurovcova +420 775761189
Police Assistants Team:
Olga Hrdinova +420 731261792
Group of women harmed by forced sterilization:
Elena Gorolova +420
Human Rights Team:  
Jana Kabelačova:

We do not charge for our services.

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